The Hard Punch

The hard punch is a you tube channel for BHESP that shall premier on the 1st of October 2017.It is the hard punch based on boxing whereby we have  boxers who get to the ring with a vision of winning the fight. Little do they know one of them will win? And this is where the hard punch starts the boxers are the government versus the people, the politician versus the people, the electorate versus the independent bodies, human rights bodies, and the media.

The above mentioned parties are just the pillars to the deterioration of our main agenda which is: standards of living, reproductive health, housing STATUS, status of people living with HIV,gender based violence, women living below a dollar .sex workers as a key population among others. To bring this issues to the limelight BHESP has come up with a you tube channel in which it identifies the problem, discusses the problem through panel discussions and gives solutions to the problem.

Its educative entertaining exclusive…….all this is in the hard punch.