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The hard Punch Episode 3
BHESP Celebrates World AIDS Day Calling for Scale Up of Prevention Efforts Targeting AGYW

On 1st December 2017 Bar Hostess Empowerment and Support Programme {BHESP} joined hundreds of Kenyans during celebrations held at the University of Nairobi to mark the World Aids Day. Themed “Step up HIV Prevention; Youth na Plan” the event provided an opportunity for BHESP to inform the participants about BHESP’s prevention efforts aimed at reducing HIV infections among female sex workers and adolescent girls and young women. “Today’s

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Volunteer to learn and give your time to others through this you can be able to learn and deal with all forms of violence. Listen more and always talk less when experiencing any form of violence .report any type of violence and always be accompanied by a person who has experience and well informed on how to handle issues of violence’ Evelyn Mwangi As we mark the 16 days of activism 2017 From 25 November, the International Day for the Elimination

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The hard punch Episode 2

The second episode of the hard punch . we met with a lady called susan from kiambiu slum in Nairibi and we are still featuring the topic of housing in nairobi area focussing on the slum areas. we are targeting sex workers and women living below a dollar we want to see how this women manage to pull it together considering they have famillies and bills to pay. how do this women live?how is the situation of the houses they live in? are the conditions

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The Hard Punch Episode 1

This is the first episode of the first series of the hard punch where we are discussing the hiusing status in kenya giving a close attention to the slum areas where the condition are very deplorable. we are foccussing on women living below a dollar and are having difficulties to make ends meet.In this episode we are featuring a lady by the name mildred ayombi from kiambiu slum who is a sex worker and receives support from BHESP

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BHESP Musical Event to Promote PrEP Use among AGYW

Bar Hostess Empowerment and Support Program (BHESP) organized a musical event that took place on 15th September 2017 at Sarakasi dome. The event was aimed at creating awareness on PrEP use among the AGYW in Nairobi County. The musical event dubbed ''A pill a day keeps HIV away'' was graced by renown Kenyan musician Avril.

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The Hard Punch

The hard punch is a you tube channel for BHESP that shall premier on the 1st of October 2017.It is the hard punch based on boxing whereby we have  boxers who get to the ring with a vision of winning the fight. Little do they know one of them will win? And this is where the hard punch starts the boxers are the government versus the people, the politician versus the people, the electorate versus the independent bodies, human rights bodies, and the

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Young women aged 15-24 Years record the highest prevalence of HIV/AIDS. BHESP work s towards improving the social, mental ad physical wellbeing by providing a platform where they will engage, learn and rediscover themselves.

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Poultry farming turns into money-spinner for Thabiti Young Mothers Group

A narrow path, iron made houses and open sewers are the scenery that welcomes you to Ghetto village situated in Kiamaiko area east of Nairobi. "Welcome to Thabiti Young Mothers Group poultry farm," says 38-year-old JecintaWanjikuMuthoni as she ushers me into a converted old house that house the birds. At the center of the house is the feeding area filled with a dozen of chicken while the corner of the house is the hatching area. Muthoni, who is the

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On 2nd June 2017 Bar Hostess Empowerment and Support Programme {BHESP} held an event to celebrate International Sex Workers Day at BHESP Kasarani offices. More than 100 sex workers attended the event to honor sex workers and recognize their often exploited working conditions. “As we celebrate International Sex Workers Day lets channel our energies towards ending stigma and discrimination surrounding sex work,” said BHESP Executive Director Peninah

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