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BHESP PrEP Work around PrEP

BHESP PrEP Work around PrEP

Project Name; Consumer Demand Driven PrEP for adolescent Girls and Young Women in Kenya


Project description:

Adolescent girls and young women (referred to as consumers in this project) of 18-24 years at high risk of HIV exposure will be identified for this project. We shall identify their influencers and networks. The consumers will be approached in their hang out/ workplace areas mainly salons, watering points, hotels, colleges, social groups/sites, etc. Awareness to create demand for PrEP will be key. Young musicians and celebrities or other influencers will be recruited and trained to create awareness and hence demand through their music, tweets, blogs and interviews. We shall generate messages that communicate the most information in the least time but speak to their wants, needs and aspirations. Communication will be done by musicians and other entertainers through concerts, music/road shows and other means as suggested by the consumers.

Peer educators will be trained for identification and mobilization. The peers including their senior peers, mentors (influencers) and early PrEP adopters will be used to reach target AGYW through snowball, interpersonal and group facilitator led communication approaches, social media platforms and telephone based short text messages, twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram. Staff will be internally trained to provide efficient testing, screening and benefits navigation that comes with accessing PrEP. In order to increase PrEP coverage and adherence, an interactive website with blogs will be launched that sends SMS reminders to new consumers to help them adhere to their medication and link them to professionals and peers within an online social network to answer their questions. Support groups will be formed by the consumers and will meet regularly. The groups will be encouraged to transform into economic and social groups where PrEP issues will be mainstreamed into their activities.

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