Bar Hostess Empowerment & Support Programme (BHESP) has trained 35 female sex workers as peer educators to spread information to their contemporaries on advocating for safe sex.

The 5-day training certified by National AIDS and STI’s Control Programme (NASCOP) was held at BHESP’s Kariobangi Wellness Centre and peer educators were trained on HIV prevention, behavior change communication, sexual health, and human rights in order to guide their peers on behavior change.

According to NASCOP, peer education is a key behavioral component aimed at disseminating behavioral messages designed to encourage people to reduce behaviors that increase the risk of HIV and increase protective behaviors.

“In the training, I have learned so many things that I didn’t know. I had never used a female condom but now I have information on how to use it,” said Irene.


Events that happened to her more than a decade ago are still very fresh in her mind. She has always been embarrassed to come out and open up about the despicable ordeal. The more she kept quiet the more the pain tore her heart into pieces.

Thanks to a Basic Feminist Leadership and Gender Based Violence Training of Trainers that was organized by CREA and BHESP in April 2016 she now feels free to share her story. She is now well equipped with skills to be on the frontline in advocating for the rights of bar hostesses and sex workers in Kenya.

She now understands the dynamics involved in the struggle against gender based violence. She is now well nurtured to embrace feministic values to effectively catalyze transformative social change. She is now driven to expand her voice and visibility in claiming and affirming her human rights and freedoms.


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