World’s biggest condom maker warns that the global supply may run out in 2 months

Malaysia-based Karex Bhd., which makes one out of every five condoms worldwide has warned of a looming global shortage of condoms.

The company makes condoms for brands like Durex and churns at least five billion condoms yearly, exporting stock to more than 140 countries.

Now, the world’s biggest maker of condoms says it currently has a stockpile that will last for only two more months.

The company re-opened its factories on Friday after a week-long closure, working with just half its workforce to comply with a lockdown that the country imposed to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Its biggest factories are in India and China which are some of the hardest-hit countries by the new coronavirus.

In the meantime, the demand for condoms has grown by double-digits as governments across the globe issue ‘work from home’ requirements.

Exporting the condoms has become more challenging as governments across the globe shut borders and airlines cancel flights.

In the long-run, the company projects that condoms will become more expensive due to the cost increase of running the operations.


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