Bar Hostess Empowerment & Support Programme (BHESP) is an organization for Key population, women using drugs and bar hostesses in Kenya.

Raise your voice, Fight
for Equal Women Rights

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Protect and uphold women's bodily autonomy and integrity.

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Gender-based violence against women is a global epidemic that needs urgent attention and action

Gender-based violence against women is a pervasive problem that affects women worldwide, regardless of their age, race, or social status. It is a violation of basic human rights and requires urgent attention and action from individuals, communities, and governments.

No woman should have to live in fear of violence or abuse. It's time to end gender-based violence

Violence against women is unacceptable and should never be tolerated. It is the responsibility of individuals, communities, and governments to work together to end gender-based violence and create a safer and more equitable society for all.

Violence against women is not just a women's issue, it's a human rights issue. We must all work towards ending this epidemic.

Violence against women is a violation of human rights and affects not only women but also their families, communities, and society as a whole. It is the responsibility of everyone to speak out against this epidemic and work towards creating a world where women are free from violence and abuse.

BHESP is commited to fight GBV against women

We must all be committed to fighting gender-based violence against women and work towards creating a society where women can live free from fear and violence. This requires raising awareness, advocating for policy changes, and providing support to survivors.
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Empowerment through Equality: Ensuring Every Woman's Right to Health.

Empowerment through Equality: Ensuring Every Woman’s Right to Health is not just a moral imperative, but also a critical step towards achieving sustainable development. By recognizing and addressing the unique healthcare needs and challenges facing women, we can build a healthier, more equitable world for everyone.

Breaking Barriers, Building Health: The Importance of Equal Health Rights for Women

Breaking Barriers, Building Health: The Importance of Equal Health Rights for Women highlights the urgent need to dismantle structural and societal barriers that prevent women from accessing essential healthcare services. By ensuring equal access to healthcare, we can improve women’s health outcomes, empower them to lead productive lives, and advance gender equality.

Health for Her: Paving the Way for Gender Equity in Healthcare

Health for Her: Paving the Way for Gender Equity in Healthcare emphasizes the importance of providing women with equal access to quality healthcare, regardless of their social, economic, or cultural background. By prioritizing women’s health and addressing the unique challenges they face, we can create a more inclusive and equitable healthcare system for all.

Empowerment through Equality: Ensuring Every Woman's Right to Health

Equal health rights for women are essential for achieving gender equality and promoting the overall health and well-being of women around the world.
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Empower a woman, and you empower a community.

When a woman is empowered, she gains the ability to make her own choices, advocate for her own needs, and contribute to her community. This ripple effect can lead to positive changes in the lives of those around her and help to create a more equitable and just society.

Women's rights are human rights. Let's work towards gender equality

Women’s rights are not a privilege or a favor, but a fundamental human right. Achieving gender equality is crucial to creating a fair and just society where all individuals have the same opportunities to thrive and reach their full potential.

Every girl deserves the right to dream, learn, and achieve

Every girl, regardless of her background or circumstances, has the right to pursue her dreams and reach her full potential. By providing access to education and opportunities, we can help girls break free from societal barriers and achieve their goals.

Equal Health rights for women are not just a women's issue, it's a human rights issue

Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights are fundamental Human Rights to be enjoyed by every individual. Access to SRHR ensures a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being in all matters relating to the reproductive system.
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With the ongoing heavy rains, most areas are flooding, therefore rendering it impossible to access the streets. Sex workers like […]

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Finding Light in the Shadows: Zidane’s Journey

In the dimly lit corners of a chang’aa den, where shadows dance with the flicker of flames, Zidane’s story begins. […]

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My story begins with a darkness that consumed me, a darkness born from the brutality of rape. I found myself […]

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