BHESP statement on International Sex Workers Day June 2, 2023

Bar Hostess Empowerment and Support Programme (BHESP) joins sex workers globally in recognizing June 2nd: International Sex Workers Day.

On this day, we stand in solidarity with sex workers around the world and affirm our commitment to promoting and protecting sex workers’ rights. We acknowledge the diversity and intersectionality of Sex work with labor rights, human rights, public health, and gender equality. We firmly believe that sex
workers, like all individuals, have inherent human rights that must be respected, protected, and fulfilled including the right to access to justice.

BHESP acknowledges the unique challenges faced by sex workers, including criminalization, stigma, violence, and discrimination. We firmly believe that the criminalization of sex work exacerbates these challenges, pushing sex workers into vulnerable situations and impeding their access to justice. It is essential to ensure that existing laws and policies promote access to justice for sex workers and address the structural barriers that hinder sex workers’ ability to legal redress.

In recognition of this day, BHESP calls upon communities, allies, governments, policymakers, funders, and stakeholders to prioritize:

  1. Decriminalization of sex work and recognizing “Sex Work as Work”.
  2. Meaningful participation of sex workers in developing and enforcing laws that protect sex workers from violence, exploitation, and trafficking.
  3. Funding and support for sex worker’s movements and organizations to provide free or low-cost legal assistance, support, and advice to ensure sex
    worker’s access to justice is not hindered by financial constraints.

On this Sex Worker’s Rights Day, let us recommit ourselves to the pursuit of justice, equality, and human rights for all.

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