With the ongoing heavy rains, most areas are flooding, therefore rendering it impossible to access the streets. Sex workers like the majority of society have suffered the effects of the heavy rains,In most cases accessing clients through a hotspot is always easier and safer,but the heavy rains especially at night has seen a reduced number of clients. These are some of the challenges climate change poses to sex work, bearing in mind they depend on sex work to put food on the table.
Similarly, Sex workers ignore to look at potential safety and security threats as well as condom use negotiation, especially when clients are scarce; this therefore increases the prevalence for violence.
The unending number of calls from most of our beneficiaries is disturbing yet our hands are tied . The stories of Female sex workers’ families going for days with no food and no shelter,given the opinions and stigma surrounding sex work one cannot seek shelter from relatives or friends.
“We are at a loss for where to begin with our current situation. We lack both food to feed our children and clothes to wear. Our utensils have been washed away, and our homes are filled with mud. Some areas have even lost their iron sheets. We’re stranded and unsure of what steps to take next. We desperately need assistance.” Says one of those affected.

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