21-year-old Fiona Mambo was raped by an Uber driver in a bush along Kiambu Road on Sunday 21/5/2023 at around 2:30 am. The client had misrepresented himself as a customer (xxx Nairobi but ended up raping her and robbing her of her dignity and money. She was referred to the BHESP facility at Roysambu for medical, psychological, and legal services

Here is her story.
I came from my rural place last year to do a house help job. After working for a week, a neighbor informed me that I would make more money if I accompanied him to his place of work where he would introduce me to the business. He took me to an apartment behind safari park where I later learned it was a brothel apartment. I have lived and worked in the brothel for 8 months now and business has been good. Sometimes, I get customers online using hook-up sites to get extra cash to help me get by.
On Saturday afternoon, I received an offer through xxx Nairobi hot .com. A customer who goes by the name *Deno called me for outcall sexual services at his apartment in Ridgeways. He told me he would send his Uber guy to pick me up and drop me at his home. The driver came to pick me up outside the brothel apartments at around 10 Pm and drove towards Kiambu Road.
We stopped at an estate in Ridgeways. At the gate, the Uber guy pretended to be asking the gateman for directions to the said house. After a short conversation with the gateman, he removed the sim card from his phone while I watched and then went ahead to call the very number which was not going through and then turned behind informing me that the client had changed his mind and had asked I be taken back home, he is not interested to meet me anymore. He called the number again and said the client had switched his phone off. He insisted that I call him and since I could not reach him, he became hostile, abusing me and asking me to pay him for his trip if I wanted him to take me back home. He demanded 4000 shillings while I only had 1470 in my MPESA. I tried negotiating but he refused. He then drove to somewhere where there was long grass and stopped his car. He then took my phone, asked me for my Mpesa pin and sent himself 1470 I had in my Mpesa, and deleted the Mpesa message. He also asked me to call my relatives and ask them to send me 10000 which I tried but did not bare any fruit. He was now getting irritated.
He opened the door of the car and asked me to step out, where he snatched me from behind, dropped my shorts and before I knew what was happening he had already torn my panties and was rapping me. I begged him to use a CONDOM but refused. He raped me for over an hour.

It was the worst pain ever.

I have no idea when I passed out, but when I opened my eyes I saw a woman and a bodaboda guy. The woman was on her way home from a nightclub when she stopped to take a pee and she saw me lying there like a corpse. I do not know when I fainted. The woman is the one who took me to her house where I stayed overnight and directed me to BHESP Roysambu to acquire PEP. I am here so that you help me track the perpetrator so that he pays for what he did to me.

BHESP wants to help Fiona get justice but Fiona cannot remember the number plate of the car of the perpetrator. Besides tampering with evidence. This is the 3rd case of a similar nature of girls raped by drivers using online dating sites. Apparently, in all reported cases, the perpetrators’ descriptions are all the same, creating a big probability that the driver is a serial rapist misrepresenting himself as a client in the online hookup app. The guy drives a KCS white car, Fiona is not able to remember the full number plate. But she describes the guy as tall, around 5,8 feet, with a dark complexion, and has a kitambi. If you have leads on the perpetrator, kindly reach us at 0711783281 or report to BHESP for follow-up. Otherwise, technology has provided an opportunity for women to hook up online to get extra cash and dates. Even so, BHESP is urging women and FSW to be guided by their 6th sense before hookups as well as prioritizing their safety and security.

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